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The academic commission of Medco Bio Medical College comprises the following members:

  • Dean of the college
  • Dean of students
  • Registrar
  • Heads of academic departments
  • Research and publications head
  • One representative elected by the academic staff annually.


Procedures of Registration

Registration of students who are accepted by the college takes place in the college at the beginning of every academic year. The office of the registrar makes announcement concerning the schedule for registration

  • A student must register in person. Where the student cannot register in person because of some difficulties, the academic dean or his/her representative can grant permission for registration to another person.
  • Registration takes place for 3 days without penalty at the beginning of each academic year and consequently for the next 3 days with penalty.
  • Under graduate students of the college with an aggregate average (AGGA) of not less than 50% can register for courses scored below 50% by the permission of the academic dean and the department head.
  • All courses offered by the college have course titles
  • Registration is completed when the stamp of the registrar's office is sealed on the registration slip.

Academic calendar

  • The academic calendar of the college is one year or 12 months
  • The study program shall continue from the beginning of Meskerem to the end of Nehassie.

However, the beginning and ending of the academic year may be differently adjusted according to the internal programs of the college.

Duration of study programs

  • For regular students of level II,III,IV programs take three years or 36 months
  • For regular students of degree programs take four years or 48 months.

Admission of students

  • The admission of students to the college is based on the performance of students on ESLCE or EHEECE or EGSECE. The minimum result is set by the Ministry of Education.
  • Students from other colleges may be admitted to the College if they fulfill the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education and the College.
  • Students may be admitted to the Degree programs with COC results and by the recommendations of the health sectors where they have worked at least for two years after graduating in level 4 programs.
  • After the completion of the selection procedures, students will be admitted to the college.
  • All applicants shall come to the college and register within the given interval of time.


Students who are admitted to the college are assigned to various departments. The placement is made based on the candidate’s grades and choices of the department in collaboration with the registrar’s office and the respective department heads.


At the beginning of each academic year, all first year students are introduced to the objectives, organization, course offerings, rules and regulations, placement and facilities of the college. All first year students are, therefore, required to attend the orientation.


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